Odeon Tokyo Re-Opening


June 4th, 2020

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We are happy to announce that we will be open for business again from June 2nd.
At the beginning, our service time will be from 6:00pm~10:00pm (Tuesday ~ Saturday). In addition, we will be open in the morning from 6:00am~12:00pm (Saturday & Sunday morning).

ODEON TOKYO will take the following actions to protect the health and safety of customers and staff.

[Responses and requests to protect the safety of customers and staff]
1. Precautions which will be taken by the our staff
・ We wear masks and gloves
・ We take temperature every day and try for physical condition management
・ Always carry out hand washing and hand alcohol disinfection
・ Keep a certain social distance
・ We refrain from the act of touching or hugging the customer.
・ As much as possible, we have installed alcohol for hand disinfection at the store.
・ Introducing “cashless payment” that can be used at our shop (credit card or PayPay)

2. Request to customers
・ Please help us by wearing a mask and disinfecting your Hands when you get come in to the bar.
・ We will check everyones body temperature when they come in to the bar.
・ We try to keep a small number of people to enter the bar.
・ If congestion is expected, we may limit the number of people entering the bar.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation to protect the safety and security of our customers and staff.