nightclubs Roppongi #1 rated in Tokyo


May 24th, 2017

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Roppongi’s Best After-Hours: The Party Starts At Sunrise

Venue Type: Club

Entrance Fee: 1.000 yen (Events will be higher priced)

Music Style: House – Techno – Trance

Hours: (Week): 8:00 pm till 9 :00 am (week)/(Weekends, Fri/Sat): 8:00 Pm till 1:00 pm

Kick-ass sound system. Odeon is one of the most long standing and famous after hours in all of Roppongi. If house music is your thing, this is the place to go!

The place is pretty dark inside, and matches the atmosphere with some (sometimes) heavy electronic music. Neon light overload, and not good for conversation: but if you just wanna keep drinking and dancing, you may enjoy this spot a ton! The only place you can actually talk is in the VIP due to it being quiet. Bring ear plugs (or cash for VIP)! Customers are a mix of Japanese and gaijin.