Bobby Dickerson is the creator of Latin Salsa Exercise, an amazing new fitness system focusing on a full body workout using Latin and salsa dance techniques. Bobby has been a professional Latin and Salsa dancer for over 20 years and has worked with various talentfrom all over the world. Bobby uses his 25 years of dance experience along with music, dance moves, and Latin salsa steps to help teach a truly fun and exciting way to shape up and get the body you have always wanted.

Bobby created the L.S.E. program as a fun, unique, and healthy way to get fit. He developed the L.S.E. Dance Mat as your personal salsa dance trainer so you can learn anywhere.

The Body Sculpting Belt is a training tool that takes the place of a dance partner, and perfectly simulates the feeling of dancing with a real partner. Not only will you get in shape, but you will gain real dance skills you can use anytime! Whether it’s at home, exercising, or out on the dance floor showing off your amazing Latin salsa style!

Bobby truly believes that Latin Salsa Exercise will not only get you on the road to fitness, but will also improve your whole lifestyle.




ボビーはL.S.E.を、楽しくて独創的で、健康的なダイエットプログラムとして開発しました。L.S.E.ダ ンスマットはあなたのパーソナルトレイナーとして、そして体型矯正ベルトはダンスパートナーに取って代わるトレーニング器具として、どこでも本物のサルサ 体験を可能にしました。体のシェイプアップだけでなく、どこでも使えるダンススキルを手に入れる事が出来るのです!お家ではエクササイズ、そしてダンスフ ロアではあなたのその素晴らしいラテンサルサスタイルを見せびらかしましょう!


Lessons Schedule

Monday Class

(Latin Salsa Exercise (19:30-20:30) Y2000 w/1 drink
Salas on 2 Beginner (20:30-21:30) Y2000 w/1 drink

Tuesday Class

Beginner Salsa (19:00-19:30) Free
Salsa Pair all level (19:30-21:00) Y2500 w/1 drink

Wednesday Class

Ladies Hip Hop Salsa styling (19:30-21:00) Y2000 w/1 drink

Friday Class

Latin Salsa Exercise (19:30-20:30) Y2000 w/1 drink
Salas on 2 Beginner (20:30-21:30) Y2000 w/1 drink